Latin American Compliance Association.

LATCA is an international association made up of specialists and entities related to Compliance and financial crime prevention. We promote educational support, best practices and efficient processes to implement an adequate Compliance management system.

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Specialized Training

The best opportunity to expand your knowledge and develop your professional skills, necessary to make decisions based on international methodologies and standards related to compliance.

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Get to know some technological tools of our associates, to automate monitoring processes, matrix generation, alerts and other indicators.


Strengthen your knowledge with the support of our experts. We offer you a training space on current and high-impact issues in the world of compliance.

Regulatory Entities

Training focused on best practices, methodologies and new international standards for effective management of regulatory/supervisory entities.


We have the best team of world-class advisers, high-level professionals willing to share their knowledge with you.

LATCA Certifications

Get your certification accredited by the Latin American Compliance Association. Become a compliance specialist and develop your skills with our internationally recognized program.

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Compliance is defined as an independent function that identifies, advises, alerts, monitors and reports compliance risks in organizations according to the Basel Committee. It consists mainly of establishing efficient mechanisms to guarantee that entities can carry out their activities and businesses in accordance with the current national/international framework. In addition, it allows reporting the risks of sanctions, legal risks, financial losses, reputation and other risks to which entities may be exposed.


To be the leading entity in certification of professionals in the Compliance industry, promoting educational support and solid credibility in the international market.

Because it provides trustworthy support to entities that implement the appropriate procedures to combat financial crime.

Understand and methodologically analyze the different models of Risk Management and International Standards, which best adjust to the Prevention of ML / FT; as well as its integration and applicability.

Any professional committed to the fight against financial crimes and with the desire to join the important work of monitoring, preventing and detecting ML / TF

To raise awareness about the importance of proper ML / FT risk management, and how it impacts the generation of economic value in entities.


Our membership gives you exclusive access to world-class content, training, forums, programs and tools from our renowned experts.


LATCA Business Members (LBM)


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