What is LATCA Academy?

It is our unit in charge of the educational area and everything related to learning, training and academic specialization, through various resources, products and services that meet our high standards of institutional quality. Defines the guidelines of strategic business alliances (LATCA's Business Members) for the development of joint events, academic support, representations and international agreements.

The LATCA Academy committee is made up of our outstanding members of the team of expert advisors, with the aim of ensuring the development of educational programs that magnify professional skills.

Units that comprise it:
  • scademic support
  • interactive platform
  • education and training programs
  • International agreement
  • LATCA´s Learning Platform
    Private access
    Live streams
    Reading resources
    Media library
    Study plan
    Online assessments
    International certificate
    Technical support
    LATCA Academy

    LATCA´s Learning Platform: Interactive platform for the development of your professional training

    We developed a technological platform for the integration of all the academic resources necessary for your training. This is a space where you can interact with your instructors, access your learning resources with innovative methodologies and easy navigation. Discover a new way to certify yourself and become a Compliance specialist.

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