Membership certifies that you are part of the prestigious and recognized Latin American Compliance Association (LATCA). Which aims to provide you with the most complete training programs of the highest quality level that will allow you to acquire and develop new knowledge on the subject.

LATCA membership gives you exclusive access to first-class content, training, forums, programs and tools from our experts, which will allow you to gain a competitive advantage that will add distinctive value to your profile as a professional.

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Certificate that proves that you are an active member of the Latin American Compliance Association (LATCA).

Introductory Training

An introductory training on the main PLAFT fundamentals, best practices and related risks.

Exclusive resources

Exclusive access to fully up-to-date quality content, qualified expert articles, best practices, PLAFT programs and tools.

Specialized Training

Exclusive free events for members of the association, in which you can participate to develop your knowledge. You will also receive a certificate of participation (Digital).

Special Discounts

Special benefits such as discounts and gift cards applicable for training, seminars, forums, certifications, conferences, workshops and other events scheduled by LATCA.

Professional profile

Develop your professional profile by acquiring knowledge that will help you implement efficient PLAFT mechanisms and procedures.



US$120 / year

Applicable for employees of private companies, independent professionals, directors, advisors, auditors and others interested in Compliance.


US$100 / year

People who work in government entities: regulators, supervisors, banking and securities commissions, state banks and other entities.


US$250 / year

Applicable for employees of private companies, independent professionals, directors, advisors, auditors and people interested in Compliance.

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